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Neuschwanstein castle
Museum of the bavarian kings
Hohenschwangau castle


Ticket sale on spot


In the Ticket Center Hohenschwangau you will receive tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle and the Museum of the bavarian kings.

The tickets for Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle can only be purchased in the Ticket Center Hohenschwangau and only on the day of your visit. Tickets for the Museum of the bavarian kings can also be bought directly in the Museum.

All tickets can be reserved in advance. Reservations for the same day are not possible. If you made a reservation in advance, you also have to pick-up the tickets in the Ticket Center.

Opening times (Ticket Center):

Winter 2017 (January 01st - March 31st + October 16th - December 31st):
daily from 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Summer 2017 (April 01st - October 15th):
daily from 8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

ATTENTION! Important information...

ATTENTION! Important information...



Due to ice and snow, the access and the visit of the Mary's bridge (Marienbrücke) are unfortunately not possible for security reasons. The access to the castle Neuschwanstein and the guided tours are not affected thereby. We ask for your understanding.



The bus transfer between the valley station (Alpseeparkplatz P4) and the Mary's bridge (Marienbrücke) to Neuschwanstein Castle is currently not operational. Please use the carriages or the footpath to reach Neuschwanstein Castle.



From April 07th 2017, the carriage transfer between valley station (in front of the Ticket Center) and the Hohenschwangau castle will be in operation again without restrictions.

Attention!!! Important information for visitors travelling from Neuschwanstein castle to Linderhof castle - Road St2060 closed in parts.

From May 2017 only one track of the road St2060 will be open between Plansee/frontier and Linderhof castle due to roadworks. The road will be completly closed from October 2017 (approx. for 6 Weeks). Coming from Ettal you can reach Linderhof castle without any problems.

On the front page of our Website you can find the current inportant information.

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Visit of the Royal Castles and Museum

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle can only be visited within a guided tour at a fixed admission time. All castle tours take place with a limited capacity. Tours are available in German and English or with a portable Audio Guide device. For Audio-Guide tours you will receive the portable Audio-Guide device in the Castles and you will be assisted by your tour guide.

The visit of the Museum of Bavarian Kings is not time-bound. You can explore the museum on your own and at your own pace. If you wish to visit the museum, you don’t need a reservation. The tickets for the Museum of Bavarian Kings can be bought at the Ticket Center or directly at the museum. 


The following combination-tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Center in Hohenschwangau:

• Swan-Ticket (Neuschwanstein castle & Hohenschwangau castle & Museum of the Bavarian Kings)
• Wittelsbach-Ticket (Hohenschwangau castle & Museum of the Bavarian Kings)
• Kings-Ticket (Neuschwanstein castle & Hohenschwangau castle)
• Prince-Ticket (Museum of the Bavarian Kings & Neuschwanstein castle)

Here you can find the prices for each attraction as well as for the combination-tickets valid until 31.12.2017

Entrances of the Ticket Center


There are 3 entrances at the Ticket Center as follows:

• Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle, Museum of the Bavarian kings and combination-tickets

• Tickets for Hohenschwangau Castle and reserved tickets

• Tickets for groups / travel guides 


Displays with the next available guided tour

Four large displays inform you about earliest possible time of entrance to the Castles. You will see times for German, English and tours with Audio Guide.



In the low season groups and tour guides are attended in the main area<//span>

The following different ticket counters are available to our visitors:

• 6 Counters for individual visitors

• 2 Counters for groups and travel guides (in the low season groups and tour guides are attended in the main area)

• 1 Counter for reservations and pick-up of reserved tickets  


Entrance time

You will receive tickets with your entrance time printed on the ticket. This is the time when you are required to be at the turnstile located in the yard of the respective castle. It is very important to arrive at the entrance of the castles at your designated entrance time. Otherwise your tickets will lose their validity and can’t be refunded. The entrance time is written on your ticket as "Einlasszeit". 

Please note: Your ticket is only valid on the same day for the tour specified.


Our tip:
During your waiting time until the guided tour starts, we recommend you to visit the Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Hohenschwangau. Here you are not bound to an admission time and you can buy the tickets directly at the Museum’s counter.

To find out how to reach the respective castles, please click here


Tour number

The tour number is printed on the tickets. As soon as you arrive the royal castles, you will see displays with tour numbers. As soon as your tour number (marked on your ticket) appears, you can pass the turnstile at the yard of the respective castle.

ATTENTION!!! During all holidays and especially during the summer months and around Christmas / New Year, there are considerable waiting times due to increased visitor traffic.
Since the number of daily available tickets is limited, they can be sold out at high demand. For a trouble-free visit of the castles and to avoid very long waiting times at the Ticket Center, we recommend reserving the tickets in advance. Reservations are possible up to 2 days before your desired visit to the castle.
Reservations for the same day are not possible.